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Clearance Letter from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

Clearance Letter From Bank Negara Malaysia

8th April 2009 Listed in Malaysian Book of Records.

11th May 2010 Public Gold was successfully registered as our official Trade Mark.

5th July 2010 Silver Bullion Bar Listed in Malaysian Book of Records.

Public Gold Assayer

APEA Award

ARFF Award

The Public Gold Rules of Conduct define the rights, duties, and responsibilities of a Public Gold Dealer. Its objective is,
  1. To ensure a level playing field for Dealers through ethical and responsible business conduct.
  2. To protect and build a conducive environment for a long-term and profitable Public Gold business.
  3. To promote unity and harmony among Dealers.
  4. To preserve the benefits of the Public Gold Sales and Marketing Plan equitably for all Dealers.
  5. The strength and success of the Public Gold business is a collective effort, founded in the enduring partnership of commitment and trust that exists between and among, the Company and Dealers.
Every dealer must comply with the company’s code of practice to establish a good business reputation. Public Gold has the right to terminate its dealer qualifications for those who offences the rules.
Dealers Code of Ethics to Company
  1. Dealerships may be granted to individuals and partners where the partners are husband and wife.
  2. A partnership consisting of husband and wife shall upon acceptance by Public Gold be considered as one dealership.
  3. In the case of a partnership, the dealership will only be authorized in the name of spouse, which may be used for trading purposes.
  4. An authorized dealer must assure that he/she:
  • adheres to the principle of good faith to conduct Public Gold business.
  • at all times comply with all laws, regulations and codes of practice applying to the operation of their dealerships and must not engage in any activity which may bring disrepute to themselves or to Public Gold.
  • must not take any tricky way in promoting Public Gold products that will effect Public Gold and all the other dealers.
  • must not be malicious criticism or slander Public Gold, its products, company officers and employees, and company’s reputation.
  • must sell only Public Gold products.
  • must sell Public Gold products according to the suggested retail price by company from time to time.
  • must never use Public Gold product name, data, printed information, advertising materials, corporate meetings and other assets of Public Gold to compete with the company engaged in the business.
  • must not in any way misrepresent the price, quality, performance or availability of Public Gold products, and not make any claims for products other than those set out on product labels or in Public Gold in respect of any costs or damages arising from such misrepresentation.
  • must make every effort to make customers satisfy with Public Gold, its products, and services from dealers.
  • must not manufacture Public Gold products or similar to Public Gold products.
  • must not cancel order after an order has been made through Internet booking or telephone booking.
  • must not use (including duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, and translation etc.) the brand name and logo of PUBLIC GOLD as it is protected by copyright laws, trademark laws, and other intellectual property laws. The PUBLIC GOLD trademark, brand name or company insignia are not available for use without PUBLIC GOLD’s expressed written permission in advance.
Dealers Code of Ethics to Customers
  • To know your customer
Dealers should get all customers’ particulars for every transaction to prevent money laundering activities.
  • Illegal business practices
Dealers should not use misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices to sell. Also, dealers should not involve in any pyramid scheme or get-rich-scheme business and activities by using Public Gold products.
  • Identification
Before dealers presenting the products, they shall be automatically proving their identity to prospective customers.
  • Explanation and demonstration
Explanation and demonstration of products should be accurate and complete, particularly in relation to prices, payment terms, return rights, as well as delivery and so on.
  • Fairness
Dealers should not abuse the trust of customers; dealers should respect the consumers especially those who lack of understanding, business or language knowledge.
  • Payment
Dealers are not allowed to conduct any illegal deposit taking or illegal fund raising activities by using Public Gold name.
Dealers Code of Ethics to Dealers
  • Dealers must comply with Company Guidelines
Dealers that registered under company distribution system must comply with ethical guidelines or Business Code of Practice.
  • Introduce new dealer/ customer
Master Dealers must not use misleading, fraudulent or unfair tactics to introduce new Normal Dealer. At the same time, dealers can not deprive a customer of another dealer.
  • Train and motivate
Master Dealers shall train and motivate his/her personally sponsored dealers.
  • Business information
All information about career opportunities, related rights and duties of dealers that provided by dealers to prospective dealers should be accurate and complete. Dealers should not show unproven events that will create a false impression or make any commitment cannot be achieved to the prospective dealers. Dealers should not use false facts or fraudulent sales opportunities presented to prospective dealers.
  • Respect and esteem
Dealers are not allowed to condemn other Public Gold dealers.
We wish to caution that Dealers found in violation of Public Gold Rules of Conduct will face corrective actions which may include, but are not limited to, business suspension, and even termination of Dealership.
We seek your cooperation to report any such incidences via e-mail to enquiry@publicgold.com.my, and to provide the Company with the evidence of such misconduct.
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