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Public Gold Localized Marketing Fund

Dear valued customers,

Good news! From July 2012 onwards, every branch will be given a substantial amount of subsidy for Dealers to print their own Marketing Collaterals for personal sales promotion purposes. Refer to the Terms and Conditions document below for further details:
Public Gold Localized Marketing Fund
1. Applicants must achieve the following requirements in order to be eligible for the monthly localized marketing fund:
  • Monthly valid personal sales of RM20,000 and above for the past 3 months in which full payment has been cleared as per the stipulated period
  • Proven to be proactive and have taken the initiative to self-promote through various media channels. Supporting documents such as receipts or invoices from respective media/ vendor and photocopy of Identification Card (IC) to be enclosed together with the application form for verification purposes.
2. Management will take at least two (2) weeks to process the application. Therefore, application form must be submitted before the 7th of each month in order for management to process the application accordingly. Application submitted after the stated date will be carried forward to the following month and is subject to approval.
3. All the information required in the application form is strictly compulsory and has to be filled in accordingly. Should there be any incomplete or/and invalid information provided, application will be forfeited.
4. Only approved application is entitled to the subsidy for the respective month and is subject to the total no. of applicants, sufficiency of subsidy allocated for the respective branch as well as individual’s urgency at the discretion of the management.
5. For those who want to claim for past expenses commencing from 1st July 2012, claimants are required to make the full payment to the respective media or vendors and Public Gold will then compensate them accordingly. This is subject to management’s approval. All receipts or invoices are to be enclosed with the application form for verification purposes.
6. This localized marketing fund is to solely subsidize the promotional and advertising materials’ production cost, excluding expenses for seminars or events.
7. Should the applicants wish to host seminars or events and require financial assistance from Public Gold, they may write in to Marketing Department to request but is subject to management’s approval.
8. Applicants or claimants may not be given the full subsidy of the requested amount for this localized marketing fund program. The management is only able to support part of the promotional or advertising expenses, depending on the sufficiency of allocated budget for the month.
9. In any case that the applicant requires Public Gold to make advance full payment due to his/her financial inability, applicant may write in to Public Gold management one (1) month prior to payment date to justify on the urgency and assistance needed. Management will then reviews and decides accordingly.
10. The artworks of all promotional and advertising materials are to be enclosed with the application form for management’s approval prior to publishing.
11. Management reserves the right to reject the application based on the eligibility of applicant upon considering various factors.
12. Submission of application is based on first-come-first-serve basis. Once the quota for the month is met, the remaining submissions will be carried forward to the following month (maximum one (1) month).
13. Application for reimbursement of expenses should be made no later than one (1) month from the invoice/receipt date enclosed together with supporting documents for verification purposes.
14. As part of the localized marketing fund program, Public Gold is offering 50% rebate on all purchase of Public Gold marketing collaterals such as streamers, brochures, etc.
15. Applicants must fully understand the contents of the Dealer Handbook in order to understand the Role and Commitment of a Dealer as well as the Structure of the Company.
16. The Company reserves the rights to reject or cancel the approved subsidy application without prior notice should the Applicant found guilty of violating the Company Dealer’s Code of Conducts or any other rules and regulations that the Company reserves. The Company has the rights to refuse the reason or justification provided by the Applicant without any further discussion.
17. The Company has the rights to terminate or suspend the application without prior notice if the Applicant does not possess a positive record for trading with the Company. The Applicant must strictly comply with the Terms and Conditions set by the Company unless there is valid reason or justification provided by the Speaker. The Company has the rights to refuse the reason or justification provided by the Applicant without any further discussion.
Click here to download application form.


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