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Gold Price Increases Again. Why?

Assalamualaikum wbt dan Salam Sejahtera,

Pagi Sabtu, hari pertama cuti sekolah...Harga emas naik mulai semalam. Pagi ini 10g dah RM1740...naik RM20 jika nak dibandingkan 13 hari lepas...Perhatikan jadual di bawah ini. Jadi untuk kawan-kawan yang masih belum mula bertindak, saya nasihatkan bertindaklah sekarang...sementara harganya belum naik tinggi. Sesunguhnya jika anda membeli sekarang anda lebih beruntung daripada saya. Belian pertama saya pada bulan Oktober 2011, 10g = RM1857...so RM1740 ini masih sangat murah. Ingin membeli, cepat-cepat sms saya 019-8899467 :)

Kenapa harga naik? Jom kita baca artikel yang saya salin dengan izin daripada owner website www.publicgoldsarawak.com, En. Hafizul Hakim...

Latest figures from the IMF show that Central Banks have continued to increase their gold holdings significantly in April, after a big increase the previous month.
Author: Lawrence Williams
Posted:  Friday , 25 May 2012 
LONDON - The latest official Central Bank gold holding figures from the IMF confirm that Central Banks around the world are continuing to buy gold – some in pretty large quantities which should be yet another stabilising factor for the gold price – and if the trend continues suggests that the CBs will buy even more this year than last – and that’s only the ones which let the world know exactly what their gold reserves are!
The latest figures not only show some substantial gold buying in April, but also a big lift in gold purchases by The Philippines which actually date back to March, but were slow in being notified to the IMF.  The Phillipines’ March gold purchases amounted to no less than 1.033 million ounces – 32 tonnes – of the yellow metal - the biggest volume since Mexico bought around 78 tonnes a little over a year ago – and increased tet country’s gold reserves by almost 20%.

Harga emas rendah, negara-negara besar increase simpanan emas fizikal mereka.
The Phillippines was not the only laggard in reporting increased gold reserves though.  Tiny Sri Lanka raised its reserves by an even greater 39%, but dating back to January, with a rise of  2.177 tonnes to 7.807 tonnes  - obviously far less significant in the global picture but yet another indication of the perceived significance of gold in particular in the Asian economies.
The most significant reported gold purchases in April itself included 29.7 tonnes by Turkey (a 14% increase in its reserves, but this is thought to have largely been due to its policy of acceptance of gold as collateral from commercial banks), 2.92 tonnes by Mexico,  2.02 tonnes by Kazakhstan, and 1.4 tonnes by the Ukraine. 
The continued buying by Central Banks does continue to indicate an underlying unease about the sovereign debt situation and its impact on the value of some key reserve currencies- not least the dollar and the euro.
In an email to Mineweb respected New York gold analyst, Jeff Nichols, commented “The lastest IMF data on central bank gold reserves was just released earlier today — showing gold purchases by Mexico, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, and the Philippines. Undoubtedly, China and perhaps a few other countries bought gold but did not report their purchases to the IMF.”  This reiterates the widespread belief that some countries – of which China is thought to be the major entity – for political reasons do not report their total holdings to the IMF, but hold new gold purchases in accounts that are not reported until it is considered politically expedient to do so.  Last time China reported an increase in reserves was in 2009.
Since then there has been much speculation that China could be building up its reserves at a rate of four or five hundred tonnes a year or more given the level of domestic gold production and the big surge in imports seen.  Although China is the world’s sixth largest holder of gold, the metal only represents a tiny 1.8% of its reserves and there have been a number of presumably government approved (is there anything else in China?) statements by officials that do suggest the nation is carefully buying on dips in the gold price so as not to create disruption in a relatively orderly global gold market.
Overall reported Central Bank gold purchases last year amounted to over 450 tonnes – the highest for nearly 50 years and The World Gold Council and GFMS have suggested that this year will see another 400 tonnes or more flowing into Central Bank coffers – and the purchases to date suggest that this target may well be achieved.  Gold may have fallen out of Central Bank favour for a few decades but the realisation now is increasingly that it should be a significant part of a country’s foreign reserve base as fiat currencies the world over lose their intrinsic value.
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Eyriqazz said...

teringin juga untuk melabur dalam emas ni, tapi kehadiran bayi baru kena utamakan yang mana dahulu..InsyaAllah, one day memang nak melabur dalam emas...

p.s : kalau tiada word verification, lebih mudah utk mengomen

Pn. Haryati Mohd Sarkawi said...

Eyriqazz...Tq so much komen membina...macamana nak buang word verification tu...by the way dengan kehadiran baby baru boleh guna skill ini utk tabung pendidikannya nanti http://publicgold999.blogspot.com/2011/12/dinar-for-dina-happy-9th-birthday.html

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